Between Worlds

by BrightSide Blue

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BrightSide Blue’s latest album, Between Worlds, is both the result of and a launchpad for a great journey through space and time.

It's origins start 10 years ago, in a dark and dicey small-town bar where a song was first conceived, the lyrics scribbled on the back of a napkin, fueled by a sense of restlessness and a desire for rebellion.

It then sprouted wings, and flew to a small tropical island, to find itself sitting on the porch of an enchanted jungle home, swaying to the melody that sings out from a small box harp, as it finds the first notes of another tune.

The songs have created their own compass, and whisk us away with them, through Northern California forest fires, over piles of rubble — earthquake aftermath — in Mexico City. We surf the cresting waves of a roaring ocean, and rest in the secret canopy of a willow tree.

…A beach in Jamaica; a neighborhood courtyard in Grenada, Spain; anti-war demonstrations in the streets of Detroit; a royal court in Mali…

The album captures the sounds, the feels, and the prayers from all of these places and YET, just like its listeners, the album is not defined by these places, but rather by the journey there. It was made -- we are made -- by the spaces between the places. By the spaces between worlds.

“Wonder, marvel and mystery in all that can be revealed by hidden places
Wonder, marvel and mystery between the in between of everyday places”

- Whisper Willow by BrightSide Blue


released December 7, 2018

All songs by BrightSide Blue (Lindsay Bellows and N. Ananda Vaughan). Deep bows to the people and cultures whose music inspired these songs including African, African-American, Spanish, Romani, Arabic, Jewish, Afro-Cuban, and Rastafarian lineages. May the beauty and richness you bring the world return to you and future generations.

Lindsay Bellows - Vocals (all tracks); Ananda Vaughan - Guitar (all tracks), Mandolin (tracks 3,5), Vocals (tracks 3,4);

Jacob Aginsky - Keys (tracks 1,4); Beau Askew - Drums (tracks 1,2,4); Ras Dennis - Nyabinghi (track 4); Shannon Hayden - Cello (tracks 2,5); Gordon Hellegers - Kora (track 3); Rob Holland - Bass, Percussion (track 3); Ayla Nereo - Vocals (track 5); Jason O'Keefe - Percussion (track 5); Justin Purtill - Bass (tracks 1,2,4,5); Lydia Violet - Violin (track 2)

Recorded at home in the birds' nest, at Massive Productions, Cedarsong Sound, YubaSun Productions, and with Rob Holland; Produced by BrightSide Blue and Spencer Williams; Mixed by Spencer Williams at Cedarsong Sound; Mastered by Oz Fritz for High Fidelity

Cover image by Mollie Hull; Album art by Trina Spiller

(c) 2018 BrightSide Blue. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



BrightSide Blue Nevada City, California

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Track Name: Let Love Be Sown
Sing a song for the birds up high.
Sing along for the days gone by.
Though time passed, it's all so familiar.
We gonna chant these songs for the healing now.

Sing a song in a roots style melody.
Sing along for my friends and my enemies.
Sing now through the lies they be telling we.
Sing sing, to the heights we be yellin' free.

Focus, focus
Come and chant with the tides of the sea,
And tap these roots to feed the tree.
A branch of wisdom and life, we gonna lift it up high.
Sing now, for the healing of the tribes gone by.
Sing now for the old and for the young.
Sing now for new life yet to come.

For the ones, the reborn daughters, sons.
We've got to bring the children home.
Through the weeds you've grown.
You're not alone.

Let Love Be Sown...
In this time.

Come alive, hear the ancestors calling now.
Can you feel them in the wind? Offer them a bow.
Turn your gaze to the still point within your brow.
Do you see them seated there? Do you see them now?

Come alive, clear your vision as our comfort fades, yes.
We've got to bow our heads as this fire rages.
It took the homes of people in our town.
If we weren't listening', I hope that we are now.

Let me explain how the forests got this way.
There was a time when they stood stronger in a blaze.
And they still stand great, but you know they have been raped,
And they're tryin' to grow back. Tell me, now, can you relate?

Like, How much time do you spend chasin' round your wage, or
How many women do you know who don't feel safe?
Or, how many politicians out there spreading hate?
They're sellin off our rivers and they want to own our fate.
I don't know how, but we've got to heal humanity.
In our hearts, let us transcend this insanity.
Let us act with humility and honor.
These times is gettin hotter.
Feel the strength of the water!

Let Love Be Sown...
In this time.

Focus, focus....
Come and chant with the tides of the sea.
Fire light, circle bright. Chant for what you want to be.
Once again, we gonna chant it til we're free.
Then we chant a little more, far horizons to see.

Gonna chant it for the poor, for the people in the streets.
For the ones who are locked behind a door,
For them in the Middle East.
For the ones who die, for the ones who weep,
For the ones who cannot speak.
We've got to rise up my people, can you feel your heart beat?
Got to get you up from your seat.
To lift your spirits while the bass line repeat!!

For the ones, the reborn daughters, sons.
We've got to bring the children home.
Through the weeds you've grown.
You're not alone!

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