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Two Hearts, One Take

by BrightSide Blue

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Return Home 06:27
Pick up out of nowhere Leave before dawn Feel the air of uncertainty Urgin' me on Seems like I've been on this road Since I learned how to drive But I don't think the direction I'm headed in's right When I finally reach my peak Find a place to rest my head Answers come to me in dream And I find my way back home I've been told this is the way to go To have a good life But every soul on this road Is looking less than satisfied Why do we buy and build to fill ourselves And still feel scared and empty? Why to take and sell, deplete the gifts All given to us freely? When I finally reach my peak.. If I see myself In these precious seeds Treat them as my family Give back to them all that's been given to me If I see this land Underneath my feet As my one true home Protect it as my own I will be filled, I will be found, I will feel complete When I finally reach my peak...
Walking 04:01
I go out walking down the sidewalk Keep on until I reach the sea I step up to the water's edge And the waves swallow me complete I go out walking down the sidewalk Keep on until I reach the trees I lay down on the earth and feel Their roots surrounding me Oh Walking, without knowing Where I'm going Just following A drift of ancient memory or Some long forgotten dream Oh Walking, without knowing Where I'm going Just following A call to distant origins A final returning Look out the window Lift out the armchair Leave the front door open wide behind me Pass by neighbors' parked cars and front yards Like a stranger wanderin' through unknown streets Follow a path carved by starlight Where the concrete fades beneath my feet Folded into silver darkness As I pass the point where eyes are used to see Oh Walking...
Raven 04:03
Dark wings cross a bright blue sky Signaling a change in tide Memories long ago, left behind Start to stir from a place deep inside Bringing the dark into the light Bringing the dreams to life X2 All of the fear come to be loved Come to be seen, not hide Bringing the dark into the light Bringing the dreams to life Running feet find a place to be still Head turned away find the courage and will To pause and open heart and mind To look a shadow in the eye Bringing the dark into the light... The longer the stare the more to see The fuller embrace, greater victory Extending a hand to a shivering foe Childhood worry masquerading as ghosts Bringing the dark... All these memories have been kept in me And by seeing them I set them free All the memories have been kept in me And by loving them I set them free and now I AM FREE!
Freedom 05:15
Freedom, like a bird Like a bird in the sky Freedom, like a bird Like a bird, flying anywhere Slowly letting go Of the plans you made Letting the wind blow You to the perfect place Where the ironwood meets the ocean wave Where the turtles sleep and the seal pups play Freedom To a mountain's peak, not a trail to find 'cept the endless horizon pave by the sun's gold light Freedom To a ripe old age, your heart soft and wise To the bright ones around you, watching your soul arise ... and fly! Freedom


On a family visit to the East Coast, Ananda and Lindsay stopped by old friend Matt Berky's studio. Matt pressed "record" and the result is what you hear -- 5 intimate songs that reveal the heartful essence of this duo's offering. If you listen carefully, you can hear breaths between words and chords which bring forward the simple aliveness that the recording captures, as if the two were in your living room.

"People used to make records,
as in the record of an event,
the event of people playing music
in a room [together]." - Ani DiFranco


released March 10, 2017

Lindsay Bellows - Vocals
Ananda Vaughan Guitar, Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Berky at Massive Productions (massiveproductions.com)
Mastered by Oz Fritz for High Velocity

All music by Lindsay Bellows and Ananda Vaughan
Lyrics by Lindsay Bellows
Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



BrightSide Blue Nevada City, California

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